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2011 Emmy Predictions: Who Will Win (And Who SHOULD Win)

If we could give TV an award for being awesome, we would. Unfortunately, the Emmys beat us to the punch by about 63 years. Still, the Emmys don't always get it right (how else would Jason Alexander not have one for his iconic role as George Costanza on "Seinfeld"?) so we're here to help by predicting who will win, and really, who should win. Here are our picks for the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards, which air this Sunday, September 18 at 8 p.m. on Fox: 

Best Drama

Will Win: "Mad Men"- Sure, it's the predictable choice (it's won this prize for the past three years), but this was their best season yet. 

Should Win: "Mad Men"- Did we say it was a predictable choice? That's because it deserves it. Yeah, there are some awesome newbies ("Game of Thrones", "Boardwalk Empire") and departed favorites ("Friday Night Lights"), but this was their best season yet

Best Actor- Drama

Will Win: Steve Buscemi in "Boardwalk Empire"- The guy is great in everything, including this HBO gem. Plus, it's a safe bet Emmy voters are scared he might actually kill them. 

Should Win: Jon Hamm: "Mad Men"- Can't nobody drink, smoke, brood, vomit, and fool around quite like Hamm's Don Draper. Sorry, Buscemi (please don't kill us!)

Best Actress- Drama

Will Win: Julianna Margulies in "The Good Wife"- She puts the "good" in "Good Wife", if you catch our drift. 

Should Win: Connie Britton in "Friday Night Lights"- With all due respect to Margulies, no one is a gooder wife than Connie Britton on "FNL". That's right, gooder. 

Best Supporting Actor- Drama: 

Will Win: Jon Slattery in "Mad Men"- The guy plays suave and conflicted just as good as Hamm. Plus, he bagged Christina Hendricks' character again this season. 

Should Win: Peter Dinklage in "Game of Thrones"- It's The Dink! That's the only reason you'll ever need. 

Best Supporting Actress- Drama: 

Will Win: Archie Panjabi in "The Good Wife"- The beauty held her own against Margulies this season and will likely get some recognition of her own. 

Should Win: Christina Hendricks in "Mad Men"- Her performance as Joan, the ballsy sexpot, made her a standout this season. Not that Hendricks could ever blend in. 

Best Comedy: 

Will Win: Anything but "Glee". In this case, critical favorite "Modern Family". 

Should Win: Anything but "Glee". In this case, "Parks and Recreation" which is LITCH-RULLY the most dependable laughs-per-minute show on television. 

Best Actor-Comedy: 

Will Win: Steve Carell in "The Office"- After seven years as Michael Scott, Carell is long overdue for a win. 

Should Win: Carell. That character is a tough balancing act and even when the show drifted into crappy territory, he kept it afloat. Plus, they don't need another Jason Alexander-like snub on their hands. 

Best Actress- Comedy: 

Will Win: Laura Linney in "The Big C"- Much like in the movies, playing someone with a possibly terminal illness spells gold during awards season. 

Should Win: Amy Poehler in "Parks and Recreation"- Poehler brought the goods on "SNL" and is doing it once again on "Parks and Rec". Leslie Knope? More like Leslie Yep! Nailed it!

Best Supporting Actor-Comedy 

Will Win: Ed O'Neill in "Modern Family"- The guy is a TV vet without an Emmy to his name. It's about damn time. 

Should Win: O'Neill. His performance as the stoic Pritchett family patriarch Jay is believable, balanced and damn funny. He's got our vote for having Sofia Vergara as his TV wife. Well played, old spot. 

Best Supporting Actress- Comedy 

Will Win: Betty White in "Hot in Cleveland"- Everyone's favorite little old lady could star in anything and they'd reward her for it. Voters are practically guaranteed a spot in hell if they don't pick her. 

Should Win: Sofia Vergara in "Modern Family"- We were already going to hell anyway, but if it means extra screen time with Vergara and her character Gloria (and her wonderful butchering of the English language), it's worth it.