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4 Videos of Suicidal Train-Surfers


1. Indian Train Dancing

Bad idea: Surfing on the outside of a train. Really, really bad idea: Filming yourself doing it and posting it on YouTube so the cops can track you down.

And seriously, impressionable youth: Don't try this at home, or anywhere, ever. Didn’t you see the end of Speed? You will die. (You're welcome, MAXIM legal department).

Lest you think Americans are the only people stupid enough to engage in this pastime. In this vid, a group Mumbai locals play grabby with the side of a speeding train, high-fiving poles along the way, all while dodging in and out of harm’s way.

2. Riding The NYC Subway

Yo, train surfin! Train surfin in New York City!” the man says from atop the speeding subway car.
The platform-standing onlookers: Bewildered.
“The name is 537. I’m a rapper slash street-runner. Don’t forget me.”
We won’t, Mr. 7. We won’t.
[via Gawker]

3. The Train Shusher

The best part of this vid of a 19-year-old soccer fan riding on the back of this train? The way his finger seems to be shushing anybody who might have a thing or two to say

4. The Most Extreme Train Ride. Ever.

Think of it like the ultimate bucket list item: Before he died of leukemia, this extreme German train-rider (code name: Trainrider) supposedly spent his dying days riding on the roofs of trains. His ultimate feat: Hopping aboard a high-speed bullet train (top speed: more than 200 mph!). HFS!
But while the ride was true, the story was not. Turns out the leukemia story was a Tom Sawyer-esque hoax. Nice way to divert law enforcement!