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5 Behind the Scenes Facts About the MMA Movie Warrior

Warrior star Joel Edgerton spills some inside knowledge on the ultimate film about ultimate fighting. Warning: There will be blood.

                         Joel Edgerton (right) stares down Tom Hardy.

1. He could already speak "American."
"I’m Australian, and my costar Tom Hardy is from the U.K., but I guess the director, Gavin O’Connor [Pride and Glory], thought we had the right energy for our characters. We trained with a dialect coach, but growing up in Australia all we did was watch American TV, so I could pull of a pretty basic American accent. I reckon I saw every episode of Happy Days, Gilligan’s Island, and The Brady Bunch two or three times."

2. He enjoyed getting to know Jennifer Morrison.
"I met Jennifer Morrison, who plays my wife, before we started filming. That’s much better than going on set and it being like, 'Joel this is Jennifer, Jennifer this is Joel.' I do find it funny having sex with someone you're not really in a relationship with. I know people who aren't involved in the industry might say I'm being ungrateful, but it's weird having people watching you do something that's normally two people…or three, depending on what your thing is."

3. There was goofing around on the set.
"We kidded around a lot. I don't think I've ever worked that hard in my life, just in terms of the physical aspect of it all, but we had a lot of fun. Sometimes when you're making a comedy, things are somber and serious on set, but when you're making a serious movie, you fool around a little bit more. When things needed to be serious, though, they got serious."

4. He wasn’t an MMA fan before shooting.
"I'm totally into it now. I'm a sports man in general—if you put on a TV in a bar and there's sports on, I’ll watch it—so I would watch the fights, but I never went looking for them. Now, if I have time and am in proximity to a UFC event, I'll check it out. I see the sport as a completely different thing now. I used to see it as brutal, but now I see it as requiring incredible skill."

5. He can kick your ass.
"If someone picked a fight with me right now, I reckon I could hold my own. In the middle of training for the movie down in New Orleans, I was in a bar, and there was this guy there who threatened to kill me. Now, literally the night before, I learned how to break someone's shoulder. I was like, 'Wow, someone sent me a sign to use my skills!' I really hate fighting, but I'm sitting there on the stool thinking I could use all this new stuff I learned. Lucky for him, I'm not into violence."