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Actresses Who Have Played The Accused

In the wake of Amanda Knox’s acquittal, Lifetime has announced they’re going to amend the ending to their TV movie about the case, which aired back in February. Why should you care about a Lifetime Movie? Because it stars Hayden Panettiere as Foxy Knoxy herself. Let’s take a look at some leading ladies who've brought real-life accused killers to the big screen.


Hayden Panettiere as Amanda Knox

“In my heart I believe Amanda Knox is innocent,” Panettiere told the Italian press back in March. It turns out the Italian court did, too as they overturned her conviction of sexually assaulting and murdering her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007. Painted as a sadistic temptress by the Italian press, the prosecution maintained that Knox and her boyfriend killed Kercher during a sex game gone wrong.


Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos

South African stunner Theron underwent a complete transformation to play the Florida prostitute and murderer in Monster. Wournos is often considered America’s first female serial killer with seven male victims between 1989-1990. She was executed by lethal injection 2002 while the film, which would eventually earn Theron an Oscar, was in pre-production.


Laura Prepon as Karla Homolka

Arguably Canada’s most infamous killer, Karla Homolka was convicted for assisting her husband in the rape-murder of three teenage girls, including her own sister. The film, told from Karla’s perspective, came out less than a year after Karla’s release from prison. She served 12 years as part of a reduced prison sentence in exchange for a guilty plea for manslaughter, an agreement the Canadian press referred to as the “Deal with the Devil.”


Drew Barrymore as Amy Fisher

Still in her early ‘90s rebellion phase, it was a natural fit for Drew Barrymore to portray the Long Island Lolita in this made-for-TV movie. For those of you who only know Fisher from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and her sex tape, she first made headlines for shooting her much-older lover’s wife in the head back in 1992, when she was only seventeen years old.


Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker

One half of the most infamous criminal team ever; Bonnie Parker of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ was a real-life pistol-toting bank robber during the 1930s. Faye Dunaway brought her to life in a 1967 film adaptation of the Burrows Gang (alongside a very dapper Warren Beatty as Clyde Burrows), earning her an Oscar nomination.