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Adam Richman on America's Side Dishes

As host of Man V. Food Nation on the Travel Channel, Adam Richman has had the pleasure of eating (and drinking) his way across this great land of ours. So who better to tap for tips on America’s best side dishes? Dig in.


Slow’s Bar-B-Q in Detroit, MI
The mac ‘n cheese here is so insane, I actually have a pan sent to my home every Thanksgiving. They use shells as opposed to elbows, it's peppery, it’s thick, it’s just got levels and levels of flavor. Definitely the best mac ‘n cheese I’ve ever eaten.

The Flying Biscuit 
Atlanta, GA
They have a side dish at the Flying Biscuit called Pudge, which is like mashed red-skinned potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. It’s fantastic.


Portland, ME
Three words: bacon dusted fries. What they do is cure their own bacon, in house, then take the fat and put it in a smoker. Then they add maltodexterin, which is a tapioca flour that turns any oil into powder, and that’s what they dust the fries with. So, so good. Takes already great fries to the next level.

Cleveland, OH

The Brussels sprouts at Lolita are just amazing! They’re fried, but not overly so, with capers, walnuts, and a little bit of red wine vinegar. Those things are ridiculous. In fact, I had to call the chef, Michael Symon, to get the recipe on Thanksgiving.

Dain’s Place
Durham, NC
Sure Tater tots are awesome in and of themselves but these are Nacho Tots taken to the next level - they're called Tots on Fire, which are basically nacho tater tots with melted cheddar cheese, jalepenos and sweet chili. Sickness!

Man V. Food Nation premieres June 1st.