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Adam Richman on the Best Pizza In America

As host of Man V. Food Nation on the Travel Channel, Adam Richman has had the pleasure of eating (and drinking) his way across this great land of ours. So who better to tap for tips on America's pest pizza? Dig in.

Modern Apizza, New Haven, CT
My favorite New Haven pizza is the Clams Casino pie here on State Street. It's traditional brick oven spot with great craftsmanship, great ingredients, and the guy who runs it, Bill Pustari - aka Billy Modern - makes his pies with a lot of pride.

L&B Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
For a slice of Sicilian, this is the only place to go. It's a raw sauce, excellent cheese, simple ingredients, and perfectly cooked. It's a Brooklyn legend, and I've been going here since I was a little kid. It's just the single perfect Sicilian slice.

Bob & Timmy's, Providence, RI
They do a type of pizza here that I'd never had before: charcoal grilled pizzas, and they're out of this world. If you're a vegetarian, so go for the spinach and mushroom pie. It tastes great. And their meatballs are just amazing.

Franny's, Brooklyn, NY
Very unusual topping, and very well-made pizza. And they'll let you know where every ingredient came from.

Gino's East, Chicago, IL
I love different Chicago pies from different places - the seafood pies from Giordano's, the sausage pie from La Malnati's - but Gino's is a really great place to expose people to a Chicago-style pie for the first time. 

V&T Pizzeria, New York, NY
For a classic New York Italian pissa, with the red-and-white-checked table cloth, this is the spot. It's on the Upper West Side with a great environment. Very real, old-school New York, and really sick pizza.

Big Lou's, San Antonio, TX
The Barbecue Brisket Pizza. The Luhan family started doing barbecue and then switched to this pizza thing, where they combined both traditions into this amazing pizza. Oh my God, it's so good.

Co., New York, NY
Co. is right on the line between casual and fancy, but good wine, great salads, and really high-end ingredients prepared very simply. It's really great.