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Adam Richman on the Best Sausages in America

As host of Man V. Food Nation on the Travel Channel, Adam Richman has had the pleasure of eating (and drinking) his way across this great land of ours. So who better to tap for tips on America's best sausages? Dig in. 

Schmidt's Sausage Housein Columbus, OH
The place has been in the family for generations, and it's all house-made recipes. The standout for me is the Bahama Mama, which is unquestionably incredible with just the right amount of spice, smoke and richness.

Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, DC
The Half Smoke: All-natural casing, browned on the grill, plus Ben's chili sets it over the top. It's just incredible. Bill Cosby accurately said you take one bite and just say, "Thank you, Jesus." I did, and I'm Jewish.

Bruges Waffles and Fritesin Salt Lake City, UT
They have a sandwich here called the Machine Gun. It's merguez sausage from Morocco on an amazing baguette with a special sauce andalouse, all topped with pomme frites (read: amazing fries). Just badass.

Bark Hot Dogsin Brooklyn, NY
Everything here is amazing, but one of my favorite hot dogs is the Bark original with the barrel-aged sauerkraut – just great. And they have a beer called Bark Red Ale that's made specially for them by Six-Point Brewery. It's the perfect hot dog beer. You can’t do better - the hot dogs are just out of this world.

The San Gennaro Festivalin Little Italy, New York
For classic Italian sausage and peppers, you can't beat a street fair, and the San Gennaro Festival, which is held every September in lower Manhattan, is the best.

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