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Are you second date material for an AXE girl?

axe personality quiz

How do you usually ask girls out?

I memorize old poems and recite them before slipping in a dinner invitation.

I start a conversation and if it goes well, I ask what they're doing on Friday night.

I tell her I have a spare ticket to a baseball game and ask her out.   

Where's your typical first date place?

A swanky rooftop eatery, and I make sure to order the fanciest wine on the menu.

A nice Italian restaurant.

Laser tag. 

During the conversation, I make sure to...

Compare her eyes to some constellation.

Listen carefully.

Check my fantasy football stats only once.

When addressing my date, I tend to go with...


Her first name.

Hey you.

I end the night by...

Presenting her with an elaborate gift.

Walking her home.

High fiving.