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Background Check: Carly Foulkes

Most people know her as T-Mobile Girl, but come fall, FX viewers will have a new name for her: Retro Girl. Then it's a short step to audiences everywhere recognizing this Canadian beauty simply as Carly Foulkes Girl. 

The springtime-fresh brunette has converted many phones and even more hearts to T-Mobile since she became the company's pink-clad spokesgoddess last year. Now she's got a spot on this fall's Powers, perfectly cast as a beloved sweetheart superheroine on a show about two cops investigating crimes in a world where superpowers are a part of daily life. 

Unfortunately (possible spoilers), the first storyline of the comic that inspired the show is titled "Who Killed Retro Girl?" so we're guessing woe awaits darling Carly.

On the plus side, she gets to hang out with Lucy Punch and Jason Patric until the Grim Reaper's icy finger touches her...that lucky anthropmorphization of natural forces.