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Background Check: Valeska Castillo

We here at Maxim are big fans of T-Mobile Girl, a.k.a. Carly Foulkes. We're also big fans of T-Mobile Chica, a.k.a. Valeska Castillo. You see, Spanish-speakers get their very own version of the pink-clad crushbait. It's just like when NBC imported The Office by changing "Tim" to "Jim" and all the gibberish into American accents.

Speaking of which, Miami native Castillo is as American as apple pie, while Foulkes is not-so-secretly a Canadian, a country that reliable sources tell us only has three cellphone towers, two of which are very tall moose. Foulkes is probably just here to taste freedom for the first time and spell words like "favourite" without a U in it. (Confession time: Maxim has never been to Canada. We're scared we might catch health care socialism. Also: polar bears.)

Prior to the T-Mobile gig, Castillo was "The Prey" in the otherwise-classy Heineken ad entitled "Tiger." When someone clued the beermaker in that calling women prey is creepy, they renamed her "The Prize," because that', better?

You're damn right it is! This is America, where the men are men and the women are Canadian 50% of the time. One hundred percent of the time they're worth fighting for, or finagling, in El Tigre's case. Any man who doesn't prize Valeska Castillo is no kind of man at all. Oh, T-Mobile Latina, you have us pressing two for español all day long. Why must you keep our hearts on hold?

Valeska Castillo is the Heineken prey/prize as well as the Spanish-speaking T-Mobile GirlYou can check out many hot pictures of Valeska on her Facebook fan page plus some videos on her Elite Model profile. So which girl is our favo(u)rite? Well, it's a question that can only be answered with a pillow fight. Ladies?

Brendan McGinley would never hang up on you. 

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