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Bones Season 7 Promo: Emily Deschanel Gets Covered In Goo

It's damn near perfect timing that the season seven premiere of Bones happens to fall out on the week of Halloween. After all, it is one of the most consistently disgusting and skin-crawling (in a good way) shows on television. In a new ad to promote the new season of the Fox series, the Bones cast attempt to out-do The Walking Dead by means of covering them in blood, guts, and whatever other truly repulsive insides they could think up. The spot is seriously nasty and has some  gems (and by gems we mean things that will make you vomit all over your laptop), but the real money shot comes when Emily Deschanel winds up covered in some poor bastard's goo. Okay, that sounds way dirtier than it actually is! Nevertheless, watch and (stomach) churn: