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Best Prank Ever: Dudes Replace All the Tap Water in Buddy's House with Beer

Why don't we have friends like this?

They say you're supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, but let's face it: Water is boring. So what's better than H2O? Beer, of course! Seems like a bunch of dudes in New Zealand realized this, so they went about replacing all the tap water in their buddy's place with—that's right—the golden, frothy liquid that is Homer Simpson's beverage of choice. It was a masterfully planned and executed endeavor. First they hid a bunch of kegs beneath the house's floorboard, then they hooked them up to the plumbing, then they filmed the guy's reactions with a bunch of hidden cameras. Genius! Check it out for yourself.

(And if you don't have 7 minutes, here's a short version.)

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