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Boogers, Beer, and Babes: It’s The Bar Maxim Awards!

Let's salute all our awesome guest bartenders with some honors and superlatives!

Most Likely To Wake You The Hell Up: Marlon Wayans

Starbucks, Schmarbucks. This stuff is delicious! 

Most Likely To Kick Your Ass

These guys will kill ya for killin' rhinos or they'll kill ya with this stiff vodka drink. Either way, you're a dead man. 

Sexiest Bartenders
Who cares about our citrus allergy? We got to ring in the new year with these two, and that's all that matters.

Most Spirited

Jagermeister shows us just how much booze it takes to have a happy holiday. 

Most Family-Friendly

Aw, what a guy. Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! does a great job on this Sunday drink. 

Most Crafty

The guys at Oskar Blues know how to DIY the shit outta some brewskies.

Best Hangover Helper

Animal lover and Pit Boss Shorty Rossi soothes our pain with this "Hair of the Dog" drink.

Most Likely To Gross You Out a Little

Curtis Armstrong, AKA Booger, makes a urine-colored cocktail for editor Laura Leu. How appropriate.