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"Breaking Bad" Gets Its Own Beer!

We’re guessing it probably already has several kinds of meth named after it.

Courtesy of Instagram/marblebrewery 

If Game of Thrones can get its own beer, you better believe Breaking Bad will too…and just in time for the final few episodes! Courtesy of Albuquerque-based Marble Brewery, two beers – “Heisenberg Dark” and “Walt’s White” – will hit local New Mexico locations starting August 8. Marble announced the project via an Instagram pic with two certified badasses and Bryan Cranston (just kidding, Bryan! You’re a badass too! Please don’t use the power of chemistry to get an extremely convoluted revenge that really kind of seems overcomplicated but in the end you’re like, “actually this is pretty reasonable considering we’re talking about a show that features a massive drug empire that distributes its product via a fast food chicken chain, so all things considered it’s more believable than you would think!").

An India black ale and an India white ale, respectively, both brews should have a slightly bitter yet complex taste, which perfectly reflects Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of chemistry teacher- turned-meth-baron Walter White. Sadly, Marble won’t be bottling the new brew and it will only be available in a few other square states (Colorado and Arizona). But if you’d like to beg Marble to bring the beer to your hometown, shoot them a pleading email, and try to include as many Jesse Pinkman-like “Bitch” references, because they’ve probably never, ever heard that and it will be super new and refreshing for them!

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