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A Drink With French Wines

We sat down with French wine expert Sheri Sauter Morano. She gave us her tasting notes on French wines and we gave her some of ours. I think you can guess who was more helpful.

Carignan Vieilles vignes, Mas Lavail Terre d'Ardoise, 2007
Sheri Sauter Morano:
Grown on black schist soils in the town of Maury, this wine is concentrated, flavorful and well-made. Carignan has
historically been a bit of a workhorse grape and not a grape that is usually praised for producing high quality wines.
Maxim Editor Cory: This is an awesome wine for the price. It's not too sweet and not too sharp. It's really nicely balanced for a $10 wine.

Cedre Heritage, Chateau du Cedre, AOC Cahors, 2008
Sheri Sauter Morano:
Before Malbec was brought to Argentina, it was grown in France. The wine is fairly full bodied with rich, ripe fruit and
firm, but supple tannins. I would advise pairing this wine with a great cut of beef - it's a match made in heaven.
Maxim Editor Cory: This tastes like something I could bring to a BBQ. Anyone want to invite me to a BBQ?

Clos de Nouys Moelleux, Clos de Nouys , AOC Vouvray, 2008
Sheri Sauter Morano:
I would lean towards calling it more semi-sweet than very sweet. This wine, which also happens to be Kosher, is delicious on its own, but I would also recommend pairing it with a variety of different spicier dishes. I would suggest experimenting with your favorite Thai and Indian dishes to see what works for your palate.
Maxim Editor Cory: This wine is a little on the sweet side for me. But if I had a girlfriend, or any friends who were girls, I would pour them a glass of this.

Blason d'Aussieres, Domaine Barons de Rothschild, AOC Corbieres, 2006
Sheri Sauter Morano:
The Blason d'Aussieres is a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan and shows aromas and flavors typical of Corbières
with cherries, raspberries and an earthy, garrigue-like note.
Maxim Editor Cory: I think I understood only two words Sheri said. But I like this wine. Am I a connoisseur now?

Lucien Albrecht brut rosé, Lucien Albrecht, AOC Alsace, NV
Sheri Sauter Morano:
If you enjoy dry rosés or lighter-bodied reds during the warm spring and summer months, then this is a wine you should definitely try. Made from 100% Pinot Noir from the region of Alsace, this dry sparkler offers wine drinkers a wonderful change of pace.
Maxim Editor Cory: This is a pink wine, but I'm man enough to admit that it's delicious. When the weather turns warmer, this will be a staple in my home bar.