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Fried Beer Here! You're Welcome, America!

Catch Buzz, Clog Arteries In A Single Bite!

Ah, Labor Day. A day when we celebrate our national nose-to-the-grindstone ethos (read: BBQ, and get more drunk than usual on Sunday). That is why we here at the ole Maxim Beer Blog want to share with you a shining, golden brown — crisp on the outside, very moist on the inside — example of American ingenuity and industriousness. Gentleman, straight from this year's Texas State Fair, we present to you: Fried Beer! Get it? It's fried food AND beer! It's malty manna from heaven! Genius!

Actually, this free-trip to the burn unit novelty is just a fried ravioli with Guinness inside. Take a bite and boiling beer spills out and scalds your chin. Yum. Thanks Mister Beer Hot Pocket! We're sticking to the fried Snicker-Twinkie-Chunky Bar triple-decker and washing it down with an ice cold can of Busch Light.

See you boozers on Tuesday. Happy Labor Day!