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17 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Maker's Mark

Photograph by David Toczko

14. Maker's uses "open cookers" instead of the usual pressure cookers. See above. 

15. As an adolescent, T.W. Samuels worked as a chauffeur for Colonel Sanders. 

Photograph by David Toczko

16. The "mark" has a lot of meaning: the star represents Star Hill Farms, where the distillery is, the "S" is for Samuels, the "IV" stands for T.W. Samuels' role as a fourth-generation whisky maker, and the breaks within the circle represent prohibition/the times the Samuels family did not sell whisky. 
17. Not only is whisky delicious when you drink it, but it's amazing in food as well. Check out some delicious recipes using Maker's Mark.

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