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Say Hello to The Drinkmaster Hoodie

Just in time for the Super Bowl comes the most important invention in the history of modern civilization.

It's an age-old problem: You need want to imbibe on the go, but hauling around all the necessary supplies (whiskey, beer, bottle opener, proof of age) is a total buzzkill. Meet the Drinkmaster Hoodie, also known as the answer to your cold, lonely, drunken prayers. This genius creation allows you to maximize your alcoholism while also keeping you warm and toasty. Sure, it might look like a regular sweatshirt, but it is so, so much more. In addition to being made with high-quality materials (including a fleece lining), the Drinkmaster Hoodie boasts a bottle opener zipper, a neoprene-lined koozie pocket, built-in drinking mitts, a flask pocket, and a dedicated snap-closure ID slot. If there is anyone who doesn't desperately need this thing, we don't know them.

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