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The Map of Free Beer in America

Want to imbibe your favorite beverage for nothing (or close to it)? Go straight to the source. The U.S. is littered with breweries, vineyards, and dis­tilleries that not only create delicious liquids but also let you sample them for free. Tour some of our favorite sipping spots, including one right in Maxim’s own backyard, the Brooklyn Brewery.

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1. Deschutes Brewery Tour 
Bend, Oregon
The deal:
Free tour and samples of beers like their flagship Black Butte Porter.
Sip tip: They only take 15 imbibers at a time, so beat the crowd.

2. Miller Brewery Tour 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The deal: Free tour with beer sampling for those over 21.
Sip tip: Knock back three free eight-ounce samples—just don’t try to sneak more or security will toss you out while singing their slogan, “Great Beer, Great Responsibility.”

3. Samuel Adams Brewery Tour
Boston, Massachusetts

The deal: Free tour and beer sampling for those over 21.
Sip tip: Tours are on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you are going on a Saturday, get there early. And thirsty. Check the Web site for hours.

4. Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, New York
The deal:
It’s $8 for a weeknight tour of the place and samples of four of their tastiest treats. After the tour full pints go for $4 a piece.
Sip tip:
Don’t behave the way we did (see photos below).

Maxim's expert tasters note "a strong, beerlike flavor."

"I asked for a big head on my beer, not in it."

Laverne, Shirley, and Moe.

"I think I just found the magic beer leprechauns!"

5. Dogfish Head Brewery Tour
Milton, Delaware

The deal: Free tour and beer sampling for those over 21.
Sip tip: It’s hipster a-go-go time at Dogfish Head, where almost every day is a carnival. Explore strange playthings like the Steampunk Treehouse or tour their Rehobeth Beach brewpub for food and live music on the weekends.

6. Bourbon Trail
The great state of Kentucky
The deal:
All these legendary distillers serve up brown glory gratis. 
Four Roses: Free sips of single-barrel, small-batch, and yellow label. 
Wild Turkey: Free tours with ladled out free booze. 
Woodford Reserve: Tour’s $5, but you can skip the history lesson and walk in for a free ½-ounce tasting. 
Maker’s Mark:
Free tours and tastings.
Jim Beam: Free distillery tour and tasting of two top-shelf samples. 
Heaven Hill Distilleries: Try the 10-year-old Evan Williams single-barrel (86.6 proof) and 18-year-old Elijah Craig single-barrel (90 proof) for free, or pay $25 for a behind-the-scenes warehouse tour.

7. Inwood Estate Vineyards
Dallas, Texas
The deal:
Pay $10 to taste five wines, $12 for eight.
Sip tip: Like everything else in Texas, the samples are big. You will get your money’s worth. Yee-haw!

8. Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour 
St. Louis, Missouri
(also available in Fairfield, California; Fort Collins, Colorado; Jacksonville, Florida; and Merrimack, New Hampshire)
The deal: Free tour and beer sampling for those over 21. Sip tip: Sadly, they won’t let you ride the Clydesdales at the home of Budweiser, but you can take their Beer­master Tour and get hammered as you drink right from the finishing tanks.

9. Coors Brewery Tour
Golden, Colorado

The deal: Free tour with beer sampling for those over 21. 
Sip tip: Forget about tapping the Rockies; it’s time to tap that keg. This Colorado-based sister company of Miller will get you happy. Turn the self-guided tour into a mad dash for the goods. Run through it, and waiting at the finish line are cold mugs of joy.

10. Balletto 
Santa Rosa, California
The deal:
Five bucks for a sample of eight bottles.
Sip tip: The tasting room is lenient because of how small the winery is. Customers who buy a bottle get their fives back. Cheers to that!

11. Kendall-Jackson Wine Center 
Fulton, California
The deal:
Free tasting for two with coupons (see Otherwise it’s $5 for a tasting of four wines, $15 for reserve.
Sip tip: The wine is delicious, but don’t count on getting sauced at the tasting. Pour amount is described as “moderate.” That pretentious wine dick from Sideways would not be pleased.