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There’s A "Game Of Thrones" Beer!

Winter is coming…in your mouth! Uh… we probably could’ve phrased that one better.

Everyone’s favorite fantasy epic about boobs, killing main characters, and boobs has finally got its own beer. Brewer Ommegang - in partnership with HBO - just announced a series of brews based on Game of Thrones. Launching just in time for the season premiere on March 31, Iron Throne Blonde Ale will be the first offering. A slightly hazy amber color, the ale is made with three kinds of hops and spiced with grains of paradise and lemon peel. And at an impressive 6.5% ABV, it packs a healthy kick, sure to loosen you up for the inevitable scene where (SPOILER ALERT) every character you thought was interesting is horribly murdered, leaving you with just the awful, awful dicks that you can’t even stand to watch, but still do, just in case someone ever gets around to chopping their heads off (really, is that too much to ask?).

Game of Thrones is Coming!
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