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Can Tree-Shaped Peeps Conquer Christmas

Those damn Peeps are getting greedy. No longer content to serve as our go-to glucose for the month of April, they've decided to move into the longer (and more lucrative) Christmas holiday season. Amongst the new flavors (I thought I saw a caramel in the box) of candies, I took the pictured "dark chocolate covered mint flavored marshmallow" tree for a spin (it's basically bright-green mush with a hard chocolate shell.

The results: This candy really is a tale of two tastes. The hard chocolate shell was surprisingly tasty, with nice cocoa overtones and a definite feeling of class. However, this deliciousness only accentuated the blandness of the green marshmallow mush. With a minty middle, this thing should be a more festive York Peppermint Patty. Instead, I found myself wishing for a York’s thinner insides, which seem to hold the parts in a better balance. So while it’s certainly a more substantive candy than a traditional Peep, and fans of the originals may lap them up, it’s not quite Godiva-grade in its goodness.