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Celebrities In Their Halloween Costumes

A lot of us take Halloween as the opportunity to dress up as our favorite celebrities (or our favorite celebrities to make fun of). If you're already in the spotlight your choice of costume automatically minimizes but that doesn't mean that stars don't love playing dress up. Take a look at the costumes some of our favorite famous ladies have been sharing on Twitter, starting with the Halloween queen herself, Heidi Klum. She outdid herself this year by going as a terrifying and topless part of Bodies: The Exhibition (so basically a dead body).


Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy

A few days before filing for divorce, the former Mrs. Humphries was already showing Kris what he'd be missing dressed as this Batman villainess


Lea Michele as The Swan Queen

The Glee beauty dressed up as our favorite bisexual, bipolar ballerina.


Jessica Alba as a witch

Despite going for the typical 'ugly' Halloween costume, Alba still looks stunning. That dude next to her? Eh. 


Sofia Vergara as Angry Bird

The Modern Family star's costume is timely and funny and, sadly, non-figure flattering. 


Jennifer Love Hewitt as a high school cheerleader

We think that's what she is...or to be more specific, a slutty, nerdy Varsity cheerleader, but that guy next to her is totally a bottle of beer.


The Hilton Sisters as a leopard and Shera

The Hilton sisters keep the costumes classic; nothing wrong with felines and '80s super heroes on Halloween!