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Celebrities Who Pay To Play

Although prostitution is obviously frowned upon, it’s no secret that the world’s oldest profession is still thriving thanks to the monetary funds of lonely truck drivers, sex addicts, and depressed husbands who just want to have a good cry.

Oh, and celebrities.

And while it’s no secret that they can clearly afford to pay for sex, there’s no reason they’d really have to. (I know several people who would bang Danny DeVito for free, just saying.) The latest star to take off his pants and open his wallet? Jason Biggs of sex-with-a-pie fame. Read on for the dirty details and to take a look back at some of Hollywood’s most memorable johns.


Jason Biggs

It was reported yesterday that the man with a fondness for apple pastry also seems to have one for ladies of the night. It was reported by his wife to Playboy and the services rendered were actually paid for her as well, because the only time it’s acceptable to call a hooker over for some fellatio is if your wife is in on it.


Hugh Grant

You’d think that getting caught with a prostitute two weeks before the release of your first major studio film would really suck- unless you’re Hugh Grant. In 1995, while in a relationship with Elizabeth Hurley, he was arrested for receiving oral sex from prostitute Divine Brown. He handled the whole mess like a real gentleman: by hitting up the talk show circuit and owning up to doing a ‘bad thing,’ and America loved him for it.


Eddie Murphy

Everyone knows by now that the funny man got caught with a Samoan transvestite hooker in his car back in 1997. What people may not remember is the terrible way Murphy handled the situation. Instead of owning up to his bad behavior he tried to talk his way out of it: “It’s not the first hooker that I’ve helped out…I’ve seen hookers on corners and I’ll pull over and they’ll go, ‘Oh you’re Eddie Murphy, oh my God!’ and I’ll empty out my wallet to help. I’m just being a nice guy.” The real story according to his ‘companion’: he offered ‘her’ $200 to model lingerie for him, which is barely anything to be embarrassed about.


Jerry Springer

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the man famous for a hooker-heavy talk show would be acquainted with the lifestyle. Turns out this knowledge comes from personal experience rather than basic research. Prior to become a TV host he was actually a politician who resigned from the Cincinnati city council after a police raid at a ‘massage parlor’ found a personal check Springer had written for its ‘services.’ Silly Springer, everyone knows you should pay in cash!


Charlie Sheen

One of Hollywood’s most enduring relationships has been between Charlie Sheen and his ever-rotating bevy of call girls. From admitting to being a client of Heidi Fleiss’ escort agency in the early ‘90s to allegedly dropping $26,000 on prostitutes in a single night back in January, Sheen seems to have no qualms about spending big bucks on female company- or, if you take it from his perspective: “I don’t pay them for sex. I pay them to leave.”