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Charlie Sheen at the Emmys

What happened when Charlie Sheen showed up at the Emmys last night? Not what we expected.

When rumblings began early on Sunday that Charlie Sheen could be showing up at the Emmy’s- an awards ceremony for the medium he was essentially fired from- I thought, ‘this could be great.’ Sheen has been on his best behavior for the last few weeks and one would think he’d head back to Crazy Town on the eve of his roast, even just for a little bit, to give us a taste of the antics to come. The Emmys are no Golden Globes booze-fest, but you'd expect for Sheen to bring his own bottle and set up shop by the front of the stage, cigarette in hand, hooker on lap, and storm the stage Kanye-style to voice his concerns about who should’ve won the award for best movie or mini-series in the middle of that sweet old British guy’s speech. Sadly none of this came to fruition. Instead, a cleaned up version of the warlock was formally invited to present the award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. Given the immediately evident self-conscious twinkle in his eye (perhaps he sensed some resentment among his former peers? Jon Cryer and Jimmy Fallon’s ardent applause could not cover the fact most people were less than enthused about his appearance) I began to wonder if Sheen would actually go through with whatever colorful observations he may have planned to make about the night’s nominees. Unfortunately, instead of a tangent about some wild night he and nominee Alec Baldwin shared in in the ‘80s, he only deviated from the cue cards to give some heart-felt well wishes to Two and a Half Men. 

I still assume it was the Tiger Blood talking because Sheen’s roast is still scheduled to run right after the show’s premiere tonight and steal all of Ashton’s thunder. So what was the point of this public apology? Are those Twitter advertisements not paying as well as they used to? Such a public show of selflessness may have endeared him to a casting director or two, but it likely didn’t reverberate with the millions of people at home who’ve scoured YouTube for his narcissistic ramblings. This guy is supposed to be a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars! He could’ve won his own special achievement Emmy for his work in televised interviews earlier this year! Being gracious can get so boring, so in anticipation of tonight’s roast, let’s hope Good Time Charlie isn't gone for good.