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Back to School for Grown Ups

Going back to school isn’t fun for everyone, but there’s nothing like the smell of a new backpack to feed the illusion that you might actually make it to class on time. Stay fresh and get in the school spirit by cleaning up your act and getting all the gear to get you back into a more serious season.

Pack Your Back:
Treat yourself to a shiny new book bag to hold all your gear.  Sure, you may be a grownup, but the appeal of a clean bag never dies.  $59, Eastpak,

Scratch Pad: Always writing down chicks’ numbers on the backs of shoddy old receipts isn’t getting you anywhere. Collect the digits in style in this Field Notes County Fair State 3-Pack.  $9.95, Field Notes,

Organization Station: You can’t write down any numbers if you can’t find your pen.  Keep your scribblers in one spot with this giant pencil sharpener pen caddy.  $25, Suck UK,

Bookworm: Buy some sleek readers to evoke some of that good old- fashioned academic flavor. $14,

Star Techie: You have to get a new iPod to listen to some tunes on the way to class (or work).  Stay on top of things with the brand new iPod Nano Touch. Plus, it’s really cool-looking.  From $149, Apple,

Vitamin Boost: Everyone needs a little help now and then.   After a rough weekend, those, ahem, short-term memory lapses can really screw your productivity.  Sharpen your brain with some Brain Power.  $24, Sprayology,