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Blaze Into Fall

Going from hot summer weather to the crisp fall can complicate your roll-out of-bed-and-throw-a-t-shirt-on routine. So present mother nature with a big eff you and be prepared for the outdoors with one key article of clothing: a blazer. This is a no-brainer because 1) it's just the lighter layer you'll need if it's chilly and 2) it makes you look like a more put together gentleman than that Giants sweatshirt you’ve had since Phil Simms was a rookie. Now with the blazer on you're looking like a guy Ms. Hot Stuff wants to chat up. There's a bonus: when you're working your magic with previously introduced Ms. Hot Stuff and she gets cold, you can provide a stylish option to warm her shoulders. We lied, there's a double bonus—she’ll be warm and she won't be wearing a sweatshirt, which means she'll dig you even more.

Zara, $159

Urban Outfitters, $88