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To help keep your closet on the cutting edge of cool, we talked with the creator of the EUBIQ NY clothing brand, Shirley Lee, to see if we could figure out why we like their stuff so much.

1.)  We like Eubiq. But why?

It started out as a resourceful way to address a need. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I made it myself and now it's become a whole other thing.  I was drawn to this idea that simple lines and details are what really "make" a look, then it became a process of getting creative with cut and fabrics to make it interesting. It's always about being interesting, not just pretty. Maybe that’s why.

2)  Interesting AND pretty. We thought that was just a myth.
How did you come up with the name EUBIQ NY?

EUBIQ is derived from the latin word Ubiq for Ubiquitous. It's a little
aspirational, but also this idea that EUBIQ NY is interestingly minimal and can be worn by anyone.

3)  Anyone. My Grandad loves your knits.
What kind of target customer did you envision when designing your collections?

A guy who is more concerned with style than labels.  Someone who
understands the subtleties of looking good and dressing well - that takes
some confidence.  

4)  Would you be attracted to a guy wearing EUBIQ?


5)   Celebs like Jim Sturgess and Josh Duhamel wear your clothes. Is that exciting?

Absolutely! But it's always exciting to see any handsome guy wearing
EUBIQ [giggles].

6)  Ha! Well now we know how to excite you, which stores carry your brand?

It’s available in different boutiques nationwide: DNA 2050 in Illinois, Luxury Store in California, Bio, King of Greene Street, Camouflage, and Charlie & Sam in New York.  Starting this fall we'll be in Saks Fifth New York. And Mexico.

7)  Perhaps that will ease issues with the Arizona Immigration Law. Why does your brand stand out from other similar brands?

Ours is a 360 degree process - it has to look good, be interesting, feel right (premium fabric), fit well. It's the reason why we keep the line relatively small and tightly edited.

8)  Any final fashion words of wisdom for the guys out there without a clue?

Don't worry about what's trendy-be comfortable, make sure your  clothes fit you, I see tons of guys wearing clothes that are too big or too small for them. And don't be afraid to be a little funny or whimsical with pops of color or an interesting accessory. Mostly just wear Eubiq.

Haha. We like your style.


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