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From Coast to Coast: Girls Scent Preferences Change by Locale

A new study conducted by AXE and the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation revealed that where a girl lives can determine her scent preferences when it comes to guys’ fragrance. Dating and relationship expert, Ian Kerner, is here to talk about the results and how guys can use this information to win over the girl.

Guys, take note: the top ten cities for singles were examined to find what scent’s girls desire, and found the surprising trend that girl’s scent preferences vary depending on locale. For example, guys living in New York, where girls dig the smell of coffee, should opt for a scent incorporating notes of gourmet foods such as chocolate. But guys in L.A. shouldn’t think they can get by with the same fragrance – girls there are drawn to the smell of fresh lavender so guys should reach for clean, herbal scents. How different is it from city to city? Check out the below map to see where your city falls on the fragrance spectrum.

So what to do with this newfound knowledge of her sensory hot buttons? Try incorporating the below fragrance focused tips into your everyday dating routine.

Create a sensory-rich environment on each date. From your fragrance to the aroma of the foods you eat, start with her nose, then focus on appealing to all of her senses.

Make your fragrance known by always going in for a hug or kiss upon arrival.
Studies show that a 30 second hug increases oxytocin -- a hormone that makes her feel emotionally connected.

Once you know what scents turn her on, opt for a date that incorporates those aromas.
Whether you test her palette in Houston by letting her in on your secret barbeque joint, or show off your athleticism with a beach volleyball game in San Diego, creating a sensory experience within each date is key.  

Studies show that two out of three women say they are more likely to make out with a guy on the first date if he smells good, so don’t take these tips lightly. Plan ahead, know what scent turns her on, and use it to your advantage.