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Don't Watch That. Watch This!

Someone told us recently that they don't wear a watch anymore. 'I just look at my phone' they said. Seriously? Not only are you missing your most important accessory, but you're a man. You should wear a watch. It's written somewhere we think, like the Bible. Hmm...we can't find it right now, but seriously. Wear a watch.

We love expensive watches like Omega. If it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for us. If though, you don't have the cash for that kind of calibre, check these out.

Ranging from $50 to $90, you could even pick up a few and coordinate with different outfits! Crazy talk, we know, just throwing it out there! Also, you've probably seen our Holiday Gift Guide, online, and in the magazine? On shelves now? Well here's another option. Available at