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Bold Aviators-

You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic wire-frame aviators. But if the look you’re after is more Johnny Depp than Maverick and Goose, consider putting a spin on your shades with a welcome dose of color. (On a side note, we’d love to see Johnny Depp in a Top Gun reboot, but only if he used a really silly accent.)

1. Diesel, $120

2. Gucci, $275

3. Dior Homme, $275

4.Persol 649, $360

5. Ray-Ban RB3428 Road Spirit, $200

Head Wear-

What we said about James Dean applies doubly to Indiana Jones. This Regatta straw fedora might be a little more colorful than Indy’s classic hat, but it’s still cooler than hiding in a fridge.

Zanerobe fedora, $50

Old-School Kicks-

From Chuck Taylors and Vans to Tretorns and Keds, canvas shoes are summer’s lightweight, quick-drying must-have. We like these red, white, and blue numbers from the flip-flop kings at Havaianas. It’s the best American-Brazilian union since Tom Brady landed Gisele!

Havaianas Urbis mid-sneakers, $68

Striped Polos-

Imagine John McEnroe inventing one of the most iconic staples in a man’s wardrobe. That’s pretty much the story behind the polo shirt, invented by French tennis star Rene Lacoste in 1926. We like ’em well-worn, with horizontal stripes for a little extra punch, à la Justin T.

1. American Living for JCPenney, $24

2.Lacoste , $72

3. Dockers, $38

Madras Shorts-

When you’re choosing your fashion icons, John Belushi isn’t normally at the top of the list. One thing he really got right, however (besides owning the toga), was his madras shorts in Animal House. A classic look that’s only made better by his hard-partying charisma, this is definitely one for guys looking to show a little leg.

1. Old Navy, $30

2. Tommy Hilfiger, $59

3. GANT, $98

Boat Shoes-

Just because you don’t own a yacht doesn’t mean you can’t work the foot­wear. Colorful boat shoes can make just about any summer outfit kick. (See what we did there? You did? Oh. Sorry.) The super-bright new offerings from the likes of Sebago and Opening Ceremony are already rocking our world.

1. Creative Recreation, $65

2. Sebago, $115

3. Opening Ceremony & Timberland, $95

Bright Chinos-

Whether they’re iconic Nantucket Reds from Murray’s Toggery shop to slimmer-cut offerings from Tommy Hilfiger, colored chinos are a great way to get your shine on while staying comfortable. Which is why you’re just as likely to see them on Kanye as on the country-club set.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren, $125

2. Tommy Hilfiger, $98

3. Ben Sherman, $109

Woven Belts- Belts are great for all sorts of stuff, from holding up your pants to autoerotic asphyxiation. But there’s no reason yours can’t do double duty. A striped woven belt adds instant attitude to an otherwise staid ensemble. And if you want to use it for something else, that’s your business.

1. Diesel, $50

2. Brooks Brothers, $48

3. Smart Turnout, $79

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