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Fight the Cold, but Still Look Hot

It’s the ongoing battle with winter: how to stay warm without looking like the kid from A Christmas Story. To better manage the winter commute, we talked to Celebrity Stylist, Joey Nieves, on how to bundle up while still staying on trend.

Maxim: What are some winter coat styles that keep guys warm, without making them look over-bundled?
My top pick for this winter is a double breasted cashmere black peacoat. December is a time to dress up, layer up, and be as stylish as you can be. Investing in a great looking, perfectly fitting black jacket is a smart choice, as it’s timeless and versatile.

Maxim: What are your top winter grooming tips for guys?
Colder weather results in dryer skin, so moisturizing is the best defense against these harsher conditions. Also keep in mind that because wearing a lot of layers could lead to sweating and odor – a deodorant and subtle fragrance are a must.  Choose fragrances with notes that reflect the season and leave the beachy scents for the summer. My top pick is AXE Dark Temptation as it incorporates a number of gourmet-inspired aromas.

Maxim: What colors/fabrics are hot this winter?
Emitting feelings of warmth is a must during the cold winter months. To do so, guys can dress in layers and in tones that emit a cozy feeling, such as deep burgundy, dark blue, dark green and chocolate. For denim, dark is definitely in. Fabrics like cashmere, wool and corduroy will prove to be staples this winter – think "Ivy League" with that European touch of class.

Maxim: Are there such things as fashionable winter accessories (i.e. hats, gloves)?  
You can’t put together a winning winter look without a stylish, classic scarf. It’s one of the most important accessories to staying warm in style. For hats and gloves, if you remember that winter time is synonymous with velvet, wool, cashmere and leather – you can’t go wrong.

Maxim:  Any other advice?
Being stylish and being warm doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive – guys just need to think ahead when picking out the staple pieces for their winter wardrobe.