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Five Ways That You Repel Women

Contrary to popular belief, not every man can be a self-professed chick magnet. In  fact, most men do just the opposite without realizing the atrocious mistakes they’re making. We’ve put together five of the uncouth mistakes that get rid of girls fast. Hopefully you haven’t fallen victim to one of them,  but chances are, you have.

1.          Don’t brush your teeth more than once a day…no amount of gum or tic tacs can kill the germs and bacteria that cause bad breath.  Not only does not brushing frequently kill the the state of your breath, but also your luck with the ladies

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2.         Don’t moisturize your hands or lips…everyone loves kissing reptiles don’t they? False. Crackly skin means rough times in the love department.

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3.         Always wear white socks with dress shoes…you will forever look like an incapable child...incapable of attracting the female sex with underdressed and inappropriate socks with formal footwear.

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4.       Definitely don’t shower after going to the gym or sweating a lot…the smelly-clogged pores-sticky look is a sure fire way to repel any girl, man, or animal.

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5.         Wear overly branded men’s clothing and look like a billboard…girl’s will direct you to the nearest highway where you can get lost and become an advertisement for a public interstate.

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