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Getting The Girl This Halloween: Costume Dos and Don'ts

For us girls, Halloween is a chance to let loose, play dress up, and (OK, I’ll say it), wear little to nothing in public without consequence. For guys, it’s a chance to express their personality, have some fun, and – if they play their cards right –impress the ladies.

The following Halloween dos and don’ts will help guys make a good impression,
avoid common costume pitfalls, and, potentially, get the girl.

Do: Be Topical
If you’re planning on referencing pop culture with your costume, make sure
you’re pulling from this year’s headlines. Referencing old school comedies can
be funny, but it’s better to be current. There are more forms of media to draw
from than ever - TV, movies, YouTube, Twitter - so there’s no excuse to be
played out.

Do: Be Clever
We girls love a guy that can make us laugh, so clever, funny costumes are great
ice breakers – just make sure we’ll be able to get the joke. If your costume is a
play on words or a witty take on pop culture, keep it simple. If it takes more than
five words to explain your costume, you may be over shooting.

Do: Be Prepared
You never know where Halloween night can take you, so be prepared for any
and all encounters by taking proper pre-party grooming precautions. Start the
night off right by showering, brushing your teeth, and applying a deodorant and
fragrance. No matter how warm it might be inside that superhero suit, guys have
to make sure that they’re sweat-proof and smelling good if they want a chance with
that “Naughty Nurse” or funny “bunch o’ grapes.”

Don’t: Be Vulgar
Halloween is a chance for girls to be devilish, but don’t push it by going over-
the-top with a mistletoe belt buckle. While we might laugh at the costume, no girl
wants to be the one seen leaving with the guy dressed like a woman’s body part.

Don’t: Be Unprepared
If your costume entails a mask, make sure you’re able to see, breathe and talk
through it. Think it would be funny to go as the green man? It might be. But think
ahead – when it’s time for the after party, you’ll be missing out when that sexy devil leaves without you because you couldn’t figure out how to store your wallet in your costume.

Zephyr Basine is creator and founder of College Fashion.