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Golf Style: Stop Looking Like a Putz!

Golf has a bad reputation when it comes to fashion. All plus-fours, knitted vests and silly hats, it’s enough to put guys off before they’ve even had a chance to get on the course and discover they suck at it. That’s why Quagmire, a clothing company started by two Toronto-based friends into golf, surf and skate culture, is trying to change the image of the sport with a whole bunch of casual new styles. In their quest to take the stuffiness out of the equation, they’ve even resurrected that early-90s staple, Global Hypercolor (remember the shirts that changed color in the heat?) to bring some fun to the game. See some of the styles below:

This polo shirt is one of the ColorFusion range, meaning it changes color when it gets warmer.

This form-fitting cashmere blend hoodie is perfect for a windy day on the green.

Another ColorFusion shirt, but this time, it’s only the logo that changes color, and not with the heat, but in reaction to direct sunlight.

Beach Party
This 100% cotton check shirt comes in green, pink or navy.