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Looking Good in the Great Outdoors

Style isn’t situational. A fashionable guy looks good no matter where he is and what the environment calls for. This summer, as you hit the road for a weekend in the wilderness, on the beach or to one of a million summer weddings, do so without looking too “Grizzly Man-esque.”

Men’s Celebrity Hair Stylist and Grooming Expert, Amy Komorowski, has worked with fashionable guys like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds and Ed Westwick, and she’s here with a few tips for looking good in the great outdoors – and wherever else your summer adventures may lead you.

Low maintenance/high convenience
When traveling, the key to keeping it stylish is staying low maintenance, so this might be a good time to go with a shorter haircut.  It’s easier to style and keep clean, plus you’ll stay cooler if you’re rockin’ a short hairstyle during the peak of summer heat and humidity. A shorter cut can still be paired with a little scruff on the face and neck – just make sure to keep it clean.

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Pack light
No one wants to carry around extra pounds of grooming products while hiking or lugging bags from hotel to hotel. Opt for travel-sized versions of your favorite everyday products. AXE Twist tops my list as it is available in travel size shower gel and bodyspray (each just over 1 OZ). Both are ideal as they help you stay clean, dry and smelling great. Oh, and did I mention the bodyspray fragrance changes over time? As the day goes on, the scent changes from fresh, citrus tones to earthier notes like sandalwood.  Also check out the AXE Hair travel-size products to keep your hair looking good while you’re on the go.

Opt for rugged American sportswear
If you’re taking on the great outdoors, the key to looking stylish is to take along one key piece of clothing that you know fits great (e.g., a great pair of jeans or khakis), and compliment that with worn t-shirts, distressed flannel, etc.  Don’t be afraid to do something different.  Try rolling your jeans or better yet, try the khaki trouser – the new jean for summer.  Since it’s a neutral shade it’ll go with everything.

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Stay hydrated and moisturized
For guys, the most overlooked item is a mineral water spray like Evian or a toner-based spray. These keep you alert and refreshed while traveling and well-moisturized with just a spritz. To keep rough, dry skin at bay, use a moisturizer. Better yet, use one with an SPF if you’re out in the elements.

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Men’s Celebrity Hair Stylist and Grooming Expert Amy Komorowski has styled the hair of some of Hollywood’s hottest men. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Interview, Esquire and Rolling Stone.

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