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Mad Men's Pete Campbell: Vincent Kartheiser

Age: 30

Character: Sterling Cooper’s resident weasel, Pete Campbell, on AMC’s Mad Men.

The more things change: “I’ve never been shocked by the political incorrectness of anything in our scripts, because the show is a period piece. That’s like going to do Roots and saying you’re shocked at how the African-Americans were treated, or playing a pirate and being shocked at the idea of rape. People talk about our show like, ‘Can you believe the way women were treated?’ Granted, women are treated much better now, but chauvinism and racism have just gone undercover. Men still make lewd remarks, only now we wait for the women to leave the room.”

A star among us: “When I go out with Christina Hendricks, people will come up and say, ‘Oh, you’re that woman from that show,’ but they don’t recognize me. But she’s kind of hard to miss. She’s so gorgeous that you’re going to stare at her for 10 minutes no matter who you are—male, female, dog, cat.”

On reports he has no TV: “Not true! That was in one article and all these people started calling me and saying, ‘Oh, you’re too cool for a TV, huh?’ And I was like, ‘No! I totally have a TV! It’s a big-screen plasma, and all I do is watch it, OK?’¿”

Where he’s hiding his statuettes: “Why do people put awards in their bathrooms? I put mine in my refrigerator so that when people come over I’m like, ‘Hey, if you want a Coke it’s right behind the ¿Peabody and the SAG award. Just move those aside. Yeah, they’re pretty heavy, aren’t they?¿”

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