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From Musk Til Dawn

Ok, maybe not musk exactly.  But when it comes to fall, there is nothing girls want more than get all cozy on the couch.   You can employ “cozy” in whichever context you’d like. However, their willingness to get cozy is amplified tenfold when you smell good.  Better than good, really.  As fond as your mother and you are of your natural pong, us girls aren’t quite convinced. Here are a few suggestions to coerce a girl to get a little closer on the couch, and sacré bleu, perhaps be enamored enough to stay quiet throughout the entirety of the football game.

My number one ultimo favorite for fall is the Acqua di Parma Colonia ESSENZA.  First launched in 1916, they’ve been at it for a while and any new additions are a welcome addition to my nostril index.  Made with components that make up a scent that is both citrus (lemon, orange, mandarin) and woodsy (vetiver, white musk, amber).

Acqua di Parma, $90, Bergdorf Goodman


Another scent that is a perfect match for the Maxim Man is Nautica’s Pure Nautica.  It is modern and masculine--exactly what every girl wants.  With touches of driftwood, suede, saffron and lotus flower, it is sure to cover up whatever natural funk you’re dealing with these days.

Nautica, From $49, Macy’s

Last but never least is Marc Jacobs’ Bang.  The title alone is enough to buy it, but there’s some substance to it as well.  Pepper and wood and spice and everything nice--this fragrance is elegant and manly with black, pink and white peppercorns, white moss and patchouli along with a host of other notes make this exactly what you need for fall.  Everybody likes to get banged now and then… 

Marc Jacobs, $55,  Saks Fifth Avenue