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President Obama Goes Shopping at The Gap, Because of Course He Does

Papa needs a new pair of mom jeans.

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Good thing there's nothing super important going on in the world, because President Obama is busy. He's busy making unscheduled stops at the Gap over on 42nd Street. That's right: Yesterday, while in New York City to attend several democratic fundraisers, the leader of the free world stopped by a midtown location of the store to pick up a few things for his girls. Specifically, a cardigan for each daughter, and a workout top for Michelle. of course, regular guys who take it upon themselves to buy workout clothes for their wives usually get a roundhouse kick to the balls, but Obama gets a pass, presumably because he has the nuclear codes and whatnot.

The incident does clear up at least one matter we've been wondering about for quite some time - the question of where POTUS gets those horrific acid wash mom jeans he's always wearing. We'd just assumed those were custom-made by a White House tailor with a sick sense of humor. But now it seems clear that Obama was shopping at the same middle-of-the-road mall staple as the rest of America all along. President Obama: He's just like us! Except, he shouldn't be. Because, have you met us? We're the worst. And even we wouldn't wear those jeans. So, Mr. President, next time you have a free afternoon and you mosey on over to a Gap, might we suggest one of these items instead:

Cable Shawlneck Pullover

Classic Khaki

Textured Leather Belt


Hell, he could even buy one of those pink cardigans for himself - and it would still be better than those jeans.

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