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Put It On: Utility Jackets

Women have purses. Kids have backpacks. What do dudes have? Pockets. All they get is pockets. Not that the guys need much, but what they do have has to go somewhere.  Ipods, iphones, blackberries, wallets - it has to go somewhere, and shoving it in your jeans pocket isn't exactly flattering.  Enter the utility jacket. A place for every piece of crap you lug along with you. With cooler weather upon is, make your jacket do something other than keep you warm and pick up some super cool and super useful outerwear.

$295, 7 for All Mankind,

$155, Cheap Monday,

$375, James Perse,

The End-All-Be-All Luxury Apocalypse Utility Jacket:
$1,395, Belstaff,