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Rock Star Style

With summer winding down and your favorite bands’ tours coming to a close, there’s no better time to hit one more round of concerts. Not only does it give you one last chance to see your beloved bands in action, it’s also an ideal spot to meet girls (nothing beats having the same taste in music as your girl). That’s right guys, it’s a known fact that music sets the mood for making connections. So how can you step up your style to impress the girl you want to make sweet music with? Celebrity Stylist, Joey Nieves, is here with tips and tricks to bring out your inner rock star.

Authenticity is the goal: Concert season is an ideal time to try out a few new trend pieces, but it’s vital that you stay true to what’s really “you.” Make minor changes at first, and see what feels right. Adding a leather jacket or a trendy sneaker is a simple way to add edge to your usual style.

Products make the man: Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they definitely help. Choosing the correct hair products, fragrance, etc., is key to pulling together any look. Everything has to be cohesive.  For hair, guys should move away from shorter military inspired cuts and let their hair grow out a bit. Messier looks are perfect for casual events (like concerts) and can still be styled for more formal affairs.  For fragrance, check out AXE Music, it contrasts fresh aromatic notes with sexier leather and wood undertones - perfect for the transition into fall. Going with a deodorant bodyspray not only keeps you smelling great for the after party, but it has your back when sweating it up in the mosh pit.

Signature style:
Haven’t nailed down your signature style yet? Not to worry. Try taking inspiration from the things around you that you love, whether it be music, art, different cultures, etc., and make it your own. When in doubt, I always advise keeping it simple. Remember, a cool pair of jeans and a white shirt can work for most relaxed occasions, especially a concert. Pair it with a great blazer to quickly go from casual to chic and hit the after parties.

There are endless options when it comes to creating your own look. If you admire someone else’s style, become a better of version of that, but never a copycat. Remember, imitations are bad, but bad imitations are even worse.