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Sneak Peek into the Mind of a Girl

Q: How important is style to a girl?
Considering you only have one chance to make a good first impression, it’s pretty significant. But don’t let that intimidate you. In fact, we get intimidated if we think you’re more stylish than us. We see what you wear as a symbol of how you live: a sloppy, stained shirt makes us think your finances are just as unkempt; too buttoned-up makes us wonder if you ever let loose. So stay simple and classic: fitted jeans, a T-shirt or nice button-up shirt, and a pair of leather shoes or clean sneakers.

Q: What’s a good first date activity? Dinner and a movie seem boring.
A: You’re right. If you suggest dinner and a movie, we’ll wonder if your mom made the suggestion. Plus, a dark, no-talking-allowed movie theater isn’t the best way to get to know someone. Better? Consider meeting at an outside café on a popular street, or for coffee in a busy park—great places for people-watching, which gives us plenty to talk about if conversation gets awkward. If the girl you’ve asked out seems chill, pick a venue that supplies board games or cards, or find a spot to play pool, darts, or air hockey. Friendly competition—especially if you can team up against another couple—is fun, which is exactly what she’ll most remember most about you.

Q: Is there such a thing as looking too good?
A: No. But there is such a thing as trying too hard. And girls can sniff that out. Think about it: Do you want a girl caked with an inch of cakey foundation and thick gooey lip gloss, or one with a face you can touch and lips you can kiss? We’re the same way. We want you to look good, but for it to seem like it took no effort at all. Some tips: Avoid iron-marks on your shirts and jeans or we’ll think you’re a stiff. Use only enough hair product to maintain your style; greasy or crunchy-feeling hair doesn’t exactly scream “run your fingers through me.” Add a spray of a nice scent—enough to notice when we’re standing close and make us want to whisper in your ear to get a better whiff.

Q: Once and for all, what’s the best opening line for a girl?
A: The best line isn’t a line at all. It’s: “Hi. I’m [your name].” That’s it. If you try an old cliché, she might think you’re cheesy. Say hi, tell her who you are, and then let her ask for more.

Q: Is it okay to ask a girl out by text?
It’s okay, but it’s not ideal. Ask us out in person and we’ll already have a physical connection; by phone, we might share a few easing laughs. Texting makes the road to really connecting even longer. And, ask us out via text at midnight and we start to wonder if it’s the hour of the evening that made you ask, instead of how much you like us. Plus, we <3 human voices more than robotic symbols. But it’s UR call, LOL.