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Sneaker Blog: Running Out on Running Shoes

Obviously, there are terms you don't have to take literally - no one expects you to actually go through all the effort required to go to hell, for example. But there are some terms you should take at face value. To me, the most important of all literal terms is RUNNING SHOES. Guys – seriously? Wear your running shoes to do just that – RUN. If you are doing anything else – talking, thinking, shopping, buying a sandwich, working – take them off, hit yourself in the head with them, and keep reading. Luckily, there is a solution. There are plenty of stylin’ sneakers that can keep you comfortable and will have the honeys staring at you with interest, not disgust.

$95, Clae,

$90, Nike,

$212, A Bathing Ape,

$75, Keep,