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Stay Hip

Winter’s coming, and with it, the need for carrying around scotch in an inside jacket pocket. Here’s how to do it in style:

Paul Smith Hip Flask 
Made from leather and stainless steel, this 6 oz. flask has the classic Paul Smith stripes to bring a cheery splash of color to a grim winter day. It’s also really fun to stare at when you're hammered.


Filson Bridle Leather and Stainless Steel Hip Flask
Holding 6 oz. of your favorite tipple (hint: this shouldn’t be Drambuie), this flask is covered with 100% cowhide--very good for not freezing your fingers to the metal underneath.


Asprey Hip Flask 
A somewhat unusual shape for a hip flask (and a bit pricey at $755), this sterling silver piece is nevertheless a fine addition to any meeting of brandy and coat pocket.

Big Octopus Hip Flask
Billed as “the ultimate nautical steampunk accessory” (didn’t you just always know you needed one of those?), this is stainless steel with a raised silver-plated octopus on the front. It is also clearly a whole world of awesome.


And now, to redress the balance, here’s our pick of the worst:

Starfleet Hip Flask 
A guaranteed date-killer, this screams, “I just wanted something to carry my Kool-Aid that wouldn’t spoil the line of my velour tracksuit bottoms.”

Victorian Sterling Silver Hip Flask
Quite apart from the impracticality of it being almost all glass, this is close to $900 for a hip flask that looks like you stole it off granny’s dresser.