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Survival Of The Fifties

Club Man Talc Powder
You've seen this iconic green bottle of powder at the barber shop, or in the country club locker room and/or on the bottom shelf of your drug store chain of choice. Know why? The shit works. From masking scratchy just-cut hairs to keeping your junk and feet fresh, this man-scented stuff slaps back the stinking man steam. Use often.

Mason-Pearson Pocket Comb
This English outfit has been making head rakers since 1885. (Your girl wants one of its insanely expensive boars head brushes.) Yes, it costs about $16, but it's made with the same plastic used in eyeglasses, which will make it outlast you. Seriously. When you die,  it'll be willed to your son, who, being the ingrate that he is, will say, 'Eew!' then toss it out with your dentures.

Old Spice After Shave
A true stalwart in the scent category. This stuff smells great, lasts long, isn't too strong (one-to-two dabs only, please!) and it's a bargain. But the best part is you'll stand out as a real man among the other busters at the bar, who are sporting the annoyingly-androgynous scents from Prada or Burberry (Hey, girly-men, women like guys to smell like guys, not their Auntie June.)