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The Goose to your Maverick

Finding the perfect wingman – while never easy – is a foolproof way to up your chances with the ladies. He’s the friend that can make the impossible possible and help turn the fantasy girl into reality. But, only few truly have the ability to hold rank as the dream maker.

While a lot goes into finding (and being) a skilled wingman - speaking highly of buddies, perfecting a British accent to woo ladies on command and occasionally “taking one for the team” - the most important element of wingman’ing is the ability to attract girls. So whether you are searching for the perfect wingman, or shaping up to be one, here are three things to keep in mind:

Well-groomed – Obviously, a guy’s face is what girls look at the most – and a wingman has to be just as well groomed as his friend. The last thing girls want is to have to wipe the grease off their fingers after running them through a guy’s hair, or deal with painful cheek burn after brushing up against his unkempt stubble. If you spend time taking care of yourself, girls will notice. If you aren’t sure of what works for you, a professional can help you find the perfect grooming style. For personal upkeep, treat yourself to an old school shave with the True Gentlemen® A Gentleman's Shave kit, complete with a pure badger shaving brush.

Smell Amazing - It’s been said that girls notice a guy’s shoes first, but what’s really high on the list is how he smells. Your scent (if you get it right) will make girls want to stay close and lean in to hear every word you say. With all the focus on deodorant and colognes, guys forget that scent starts in the shower. The best scents are those that emanate from your body. My secret is to use a scented shower gel and top it off with a great smelling bodyspray. Check out new AXE Twist Shower Gel and Bodyspray at

The Clothes Make the “Wing”man - You want to look your best but, at the same time, you need to stand out from other guys. Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish yourself from the crowd when every guy is wearing the same button down or graphic tee. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create a custom shirt only YOU could wear? Well, those days are here, my friend. Blank Label allows you to design any shirt you’d like. With a variety of fabrics available, choices vary from the color of the collar to the style of the cuff. The shirts are reasonably priced, allowing you to stock up on a wardrobe of fully-customized shirts. Check them out at

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