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This Shirt is the Shit!

When it’s time to ditch your sleeves, consider wearing one of these.

Warm weather is coming (please, God, please let it be warm again!) and so begins the age-old quest for a short-sleeve shirt that makes you look nice without making you look like your dad.

Well, climb off your mighty steed and hang up your sword, because your quest is over, brave Sir Fashion Knight. The holy grail of polo shirts has been found. Marvel with us as we gaze upon the cottony glory of the Criquet!

Super-comfortable and super-stylish, Criquet’s polos come in three styles: The Players Shirt (pictured), The Thin Stripe Players Shirt, and The Long Sleeve Players Shirt, which, as you might have guessed, is long-sleeved. They're all made of the same ultra-soft organic cotton and are cut for a damn near-perfect fit. You won’t look like you're wearing a tent, nor will you look like you've stuff yourself into a striped sausage casing.

Get yours at They start at $75, and unlike your Russian mail-order bride, there's free shipping and returns!

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