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Tie One On

Ties used to be something reserved for suit-wearing businessmen or fancy nights out, but no more, fellas. A tie is the kind of thing you either love wearing or would rather choke yourself with before putting it on. Here's the good news for the gentleman who like 'em: you can wear a tie in a casual way, no need for a monkey suit. For those who loath the tie: we hear that women like guys in suits, so we think a little discomfort is worth the eventual benefits. Wearing a tie casually—that's right, paired with jeans—spruces up your look a little bit and is a stylish move that'll impress any woman within checking-out distance. Take a hint from our below picks to get this fall's most stylin' tie looks around your neck stat.

Herringbone tie, Brooks Brothers $60

Plaid skinny tie, Steven Alan $60

Chambray tie, J.Crew $83