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Trendstopping: Girlfriends Demanding Khakis

It’s a problem that plagues all of Guydom: Whenever you head to a nice, but far-from formal occasion (decent dinner, a double date with one of her pals, a rendezvous with her 'rents), your girl "requests" that you give the jeans a rest and put on some khakis or even slacks, and not our dude uni's: jeans. Slow down, Sally. A pair of wrinkle-free dark jeans, a  collared shirt, blazer and cleaned up leather shoes will outclass any khaki get up (so says not just us, but practically every menswear designer on the damn earth). It's hard to stand to up her; she holds a lot of keys (read: sex). But be a man... And don't tell her! Just throw on this way-cooler option. Once she peeps your steez you'll win her approval, respect, and some diggity dessert.