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F%*k Argo. Jimmy Kimmel Wins the Oscars (Again)

For the second year running, the late-night host provides the Oscars' biggest laughs.

He may not be a big-shot studio boss, but Jimmy Kimmel knows the golden rule of Hollywood: if it works, do it again. After last year's Oscar ceremony he unveiled the trailer for (the yet-to be released, and seriously, Jimmy, get on that) Movie: The Movie, which racked up 20 million plus views on YouTube. And, as Kimmel puts it, "When you have a big success in Hollywood, there's only one reasonable thing you can do — and that is cheapen it with a sequel." This year, after last night's interminable proceedings, Kimmel was back with Movie: The Movie: 2V, starring Jessica Chastain, Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryan Cranston, Canning Tatum, Gerard Butler, Salma Hayek, Amanda Seyfried, John Krasinsnki, Oprah Winfrey…and more. (Deep breath.) So, how long before they give Kimmel the hosting gig?

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