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Gilbert Gottfried Will Record Your Outgoing Voicemail


The legendary comic with the most grating voice in the universe will record your outgoing voicemail message. Seriously.

Even though it's one of the most annoying sounds in the world—yes, even worse that this—iconic comedian Gilbert Gottfried's voice is a national treasure. Besides decades of his stand-up comedy, you've heard it as Iago the Parrot in Aladdin, as the Aflac Duck, on Family Guy, and on several Comedy Central Roasts. Hell, he's even recorded his own version of Fifty Shades of Grey! Well, now you can harness the power of his vocal chords to annoy anyone who wants to leave you a message. In an effort to raise money for charity, Gottfried is auctioning off the chance to have him record your outgoing voicemail message. So why not put down a bid? You'll not only be helping out some kids, you'll also be the envy of anyone who calls you. (The folks from that collection agency are sure to have the laugh of their lives.)

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